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National Market

It is a product that presents its highest production between the months of December and March, there are two major groups:

One is the piglet leather, which is obtained from an animal that is less than a year old and occurs in the season of highest production, having a size that varies between five and seven feet.
The second is the leather for the vegetable chamois, which is obtained all year round and has as main characteristics that they come from an animal that has more than one season.
In general prevail the White Races, Suffolk, Texel.


Leathers for the national market

Throughout the year this type of product is generated, which is stored on hangers (collection without moisture) and is aimed at the national market. Leathers are obtained that go from the 16 kilos net per unit upwards, with an average of 21 kilos approximately. Its presentation is of a whole leather, raw and without fissures, firm hair, without marks of fire, with the elimination of fats, cut of extremities and without the hump.

In general, we can find leathers associated with the breeds Overo Colorado (German carnation), Overo Negro (holando europeo), hereford y angus, among others.

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Leathers for the national market

It is presented as salty or dry leather, it is produced throughout the year. This product is classified into three categories: First or Big Leather, Medium Leather and Gouache Leather.
It is for sale in the national market.

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Leather for the national market